Financial Solutions
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Through Montecito’s pioneering digital healthcare marketplace, you have easy access to a suite of financial solutions just for healthcare professionals — thanks to our partnership with Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG).

financial solutions tailored for you:

Business Loans

Financing for business expenses - from debt consolidation to practice acquisition.

Personal Loans

Fast, easy financing for personal expenses — from vacations to home renovations.

SBA Loans

Loans designed with flexibility in mind, with solutions for all your business goals.

4.6 - star rating based
on 1,100+ reviews

Partially owned by Pinnacle Bank
(PNFP), a $29-billion institution
headquartered in Nashville, TN

A+ rating with the
Better Business Bureau

Why we chose BHG

Since 2001, BHG has been dedicated to serving the unique financial needs of healthcare professionals throughout the United States. BHG has established itself as a market leader by delivering customized solutions with a focus on speed, simplicity and premium service.

Today, BHG and its family of companies offer one complete solution, centered around building financial success for you and your practice.