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Through Montecito’s pioneering digital healthcare marketplace, you have easy access to a suite of financial solutions just for healthcare professionals — thanks to our partnership with Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG).

financial solutions tailored for you:

Business Loans

Financing for business expenses - from debt consolidation to practice acquisition.

SBA Loans

Loans designed with flexibility in mind, with solutions for all your business goals.

Personal Loans

Fast, easy financing for personal expenses — from vacations to home renovations.

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(PNFP), a Tennessee Bank
member FDIC.

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Why we chose BHG

Montecito is dedicated to empowering physicians to build wealth and build stronger practices. In BHG, we found a partner that shares our commitment and understands the unique financial needs of the healthcare community. In the rapidly evolving industry, healthcare professionals need a financial partner that moves at their pace. Since 2001, BHG has established itself as a market leader by delivering customized solutions with a focus on speed, simplicity and premium service. To date, BHG has provided more the $6 billion in financial solutions to tens of thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.